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We at ET strongly believe in this. And our Human Resource Development policy aptly reflects this belief. We recruit the best talent wherever we do business, offer competitive compensation, provide a dynamic work environment, make people accountable for results and chart their growth. Our structures are flat and deliveries which allows us to be more flexible and respond quicker to the customer. Sounds good?

Then read on...
Innovation and entrepreneurship are greatly encouraged at ET. This helps us create a learning organization with a workforce that has multi-dimensional experiences and skills. ET's trained managers and engineers support our aggressive plans to become a global player. The plans on training, internal and external are quite aggressive on both technical and soft skills, to ensure they continue to learn and grow. Apart from skill and competency training, considerable amount of inputs are provided in behavioral issues, managerial skills and change management, team working issues and challenges. Seasoning of the skills and knowledge relevant for performing the role, we believe, is critical. Individuals at ET develop more of cross-functional expertise - making them mobile problem solvers and service providers. Their pride is in getting their task done, meeting deadlines and make things happen.

What about performance reviews?

The appraisal systems are designed with a highly competitive spirit. ET has the right balance needed between a goal-based system and the behaviorally anchored system that is becoming much more relevant and appropriate in today's industry. The compensation program at ET lays emphasis on skills, competencies and specialization, closely linked to business results and individual contribution towards the corporate goals

Growth Path

The sky's the limit at ET!
Here's the typical growth path at ET. CAREERS