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Student Information & Management System

The Info.Edge(TM) is a comprehaensive student information management system, developed from the ground up to Connect and supports your Institution as you guide every student to success
Info.Edge (TM) is amde up of Modues, all of which are separate entities and integrate together to make a system tailor-made according to the User's requirements and specifications. The system allows the user to Add, Store,Process, Print and Manipulate Information and is differentiated into different levels of accessibility for different users.

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Elite Business Management System

The Elite Business Management System(EBMS) is a comprehensive Business management system developed from the ground up to Connect and supports your Business as you guide every client to success.

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Laboratory Management System

The Lab Manager is the ideal solution for Madical laboratories that want to keep record of Conducted test of all the patient and also the management of their accounts. Policy-based access control reduces administrative burden and enables owners to be in touch with their financials more quickly.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software solution becoming necessary to implement with the passage of time. This software completely transforms a business into the digital world.

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Fair Testing Services (FTS) is an independent and self-sustained company offering high quality services in Testing, examination, offering scholarships, assessment tests, admission tests, data entry, data processing, capacity building and HR solutions organization with innovative technology for producing results at much quicker pace with no to minimal errors to match the pace of today’s competitive industry across the world.

Hiring Testing Service (HTS) is an auxiliary unit within innovative education. It supports the Pakistan’s strategic efforts to ensure student success and program innovation by administering tests and assessments for Admissions, Scholarships, Recruitment,Pre employment exams and Promotion Purposes for numerous agencies, businesses and institutions. Students and professionals alike may take advantage of HTS Testing Services' portfolio of exams advertised for fulfilling various vacant positions in each and every department all over the Pakistan.

Founded in 1967, Islamabad Model College for Girls (Post Graduate) F-7/2 , Islamabad, formerly known as Federal Government College for Women, F-7/2, is the oldest girls institution in Islamabad. It offers HSSC, Degree and Post Graduate classes in Science and Humanities. The number of enrolled students is 3500 approximately.

During the period of sixties, Govenment of Pakistan decided to establish Divisional Public Schools at each Divisional Headquarter. At that time only three schools were set up at Lahore, Faisalabad and Hyderabad. In Rawalpindi except one or two missionary schools located in the Cantonment Area and a few schools of the Army, there was no public school in the city worth the name except a few private schools.On the demand of large number of social and private organization, the Divisional Public School Rawalpindi was established in 1990-91. Mr.Muhammad Saeed Mehdi, the then commissioner, Rawalpindi played active role in the establishment of this school.

Education is a societal function and aims at improvement of the society through developing its individuals. It is, therefore, the most significant and exacting responsibility of any civilized society. Realization of this core objective and a focused approach to achieve it, forms the bedrock to the edifice of social development and national progress. While the role of every segment of the society in this endeavor is vital, an educational institution acts as the linchpin. Besides providing education, it serves as a forum for the parents,

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